MGCCC student-athletes have 3.31 GPA

MGCCC student-athletes have 3.31 GPA

PERKINSTON — Mississippi Gulf Coast's student-athletes completed the Spring 2018 semester with a GPA of 3.31.


"We are very proud of what our student-athletes have achieved both on and off the field this past semester," Gulf Coast athletic director Steven Campbell said. "All spring sports were in the top 20 in the nation at some point in the season, and all had postseason appearances including the golf team's national championship. We were able to achieve that same type of success in the classroom."


The results are indicative of the hard work put in by the students, as well as the campus hierarchy including coaches, instructors, professors and administrators.


"I think it's exciting to be in a place like this where everybody works together," Gulf Coast Athletic Academic Advisor Julie Gallup said. "The professors, Dean (Bobby) Ghosal, all the coaches, Steven, (Perkinston Campus Vice President) Dr. Ladd Taylor, everybody is on board."


The Learning Resource Center provides key contributions to the student success. The Learning Lab has tutors and technological tools to support and advance teaching and learning by helping students develop the skills necessary to be successful learners through the creation of a supportive learning environment that fosters intellectual growth.


"The LRC staff is amazing and really helps our people achieve that level of academic success," said Gallup.


There were 190 people on the 10 varsity sports teams enrolled, with the women's tennis team leading the way with a 3.69 GPA. Also of note, counting all student-athletes' entire college careers, they have a combined GPA of 3.33.

MGCCC Student-Athletes in the Classroom

Sport Spring GPA
Baseball 3.33
Men's Basketball 2.97
Women's Basketball 3.22
Football 3.04
Golf 3.35
Men's Soccer 3.27
Women's Soccer 3.38
Softball 3.37
Men's Tennis 3.52
Women's Tennis 3.69
All 3.31

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